Caveat emptor :(


Look at this :((

I know the vendor is well aware of the original price. Additionally, he can't claim being ignorant about this clause here. I hate to tell, however, more and more it seems we've got our here >:(

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So the guy has a set of the museum CD's and he wants to sell them. I don't see anything in the clause that says he can't.

Or am I missing something?


Don, I agree.. they do not appear to be the upgrade versions of the CD and as such bear no obligation to sell them together with the original source. I see nothing interesting about Walter's claim at all.


Ok, I admit I overreacted when seeing this offer since it came with many more, massively overpriced objects of the same seller congesting TAS in short intervals. Nothing against claiming any price you want, but seeing the same stuff again and again with identical skyrocket starting bids is really annoying.

Usually waiting for "free weekends", now it seems the season drives him. So it will cost him some money at least. The more often I see this the more I turn against free lunches at TAS. [/rant]

Edit: FYI, starting bid was 49,99 Euros yesterday, it is lowered now.

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Usually waiting for "free weekends", now it seems the season drives him. So it will cost him some money at least.

No no, it's "free weekend" again. I got the announcement from eBay sometimes last week. Otherwise he wouldn't offer the same 300 items again and again and again. What's really missing in eBay is the "ignore user" function that some forums offer.


Price variations are a common practice among capitalist economies. Even this weekend I walked into Best Buy Store and found Adobe Premiere/Photoshop Elements 9 listed for $149, when I can buy them together on the website for $95 and Amazon Black Friday deals for $90 or $105 any other time of year. Shall I boycot Best Buy?


People offer merchandise for that they feel or hope or think they can sell it for. The response depends on who is looking at it, how badly they want it, and how much they are willing to pay.



Co bur you know who bought something from me about a month ago.

I believe the e*ay ID is an acronym from his company, based upon his shipping address.


I think when Cobubba started he was in Colorado, whence the CO as teh first two letters. Hubububba then moved to CA.


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