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how do I set the decimal point so that all my calculations are set to 2 places following the decimal? What I'm looking for is the answer to be like this 0.00. I had this setting but I just changed the batteries and I can't remember how to set it. I can't find my manual. Thank you


I think that would depend on the model of calculator you're using.

For my 32SII:
(note: no other keys necessary to end sequence)

For my 30B:
(note: INPUT necessary to establish number of digits and ON/CE to exit MODE)


1. On many smaller HP's it would be MODES (or DISP) FIX 2.

2. Except with some FIX is a shifted key, so you don't have to press MODES or DISP first.

3. On many RPL graphing calcs it would be true postfix notation: MODE 2 FIX.

4. Unless it's an algebraic graphing calc, then it might be MODES enter 2 on FIX line then ENTER.


It would have been simpler if you would have said which model of calculator you had since we are just "guessing" without knowing which steps you need to take to fix your two decimal places. ;-)

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