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During HHC 2010, John Cadick and Jeff Bronfeld regaled us with stories of some great people at General Electric during its early years, Charles Proteus Steinmetz chief among them.

John also mentioned the book ``Men and Volts'', which I have discovered is part of the American Libraries collection and is available in several formats at:


For those who, like me, are enamored with the history of technologies and the personalities who shape it might be interested in giving this a look.

Thanks John!

Best wishes.


Hello, Pavneet --

Thank you for the link to "Men and Volts". I read through a number of pages; very good book.

I met John and Jeff at HHC 2007 in San Diego.

In the 1990's, I read a fairly long book about Steinmetz published in 1932, nine years after his death.

-- KS


Dear Karl,

We missed you at the last couple of HHCs.

Would you have the title of the book on Steinmetz that you had read?



We missed you at the last couple of HHCs.

I considered attending the 2009 and 2010 meetings, but the travel to Fort Collins was more involved, and the secondary reasons for going weren't as compelling for me. I presented in 2008, but had nothing new since then.

Would you have the title of the book on Steinmetz that you had read?

Loki; the life of Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Jonathan Norton Leonard

Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Doran & company, inc., 1932 [©1929]

-- KS


Thanks for the reference. Your talks on numerical precision and sometimes the lack thereof are always interesting.

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