Repair/Replacing an HP 11C LCD


Is it possible to repair or replace a HP 11C display or interchange it with a HP 12C display?



Many of the "experts" are at HHC, so you may have to wait to get your answers. I am not an expert, but from reading posts over the years, I think the answer is "yes", provided you use a 12c from the same production era. See this as a start.

You may be able to find the complete answer you need by searching the archives.


Yes it is. I did it on a unit I own. This was my first attempt. The re-assembly process takes some practice and patience to get all LCD to operate correctly.

This was on a later unit with the single PCB. Earlier units with 2 PCBs are easier, I've heard (you need to swap parts from same to same)


2 disassembled units


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