How to install/ru​n this program in an Hp 50g.


Hi all

I just bought a 50g and dont know how to install this one program for plotting root locus'.
Here is the address of the files ( Im familliar with library instalations but this is beyond me because these files are only .dir and .src

So what do i do with them.



Haven't looked at it, but my guess is to move the .dir file into your HOME memory, and then access the directory using VARS.



Move RLocus3.dir file to HOME using an SD card.
That is, using your PC, unzip the RLocus3.dir file to the SD card.
Then put the SD card on the 50g, hit L-Shift Apps to open the filer, go to the SD card, copy the RLocus3.dir file to HOME. Get out of the filer with ON, then press VAR and you'll see the program dir (RLOCU).
Press F1 to access the program dir.

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