Hp48G top plastic cover bent?


Hi everyone,

I've just bought an HP48G and, after a detailed exam, I've found that the upper pastic cover seem apparently to be slightly bent in the top part:


It forms a slight "U" shape.

Is it normal? Or maybe is it due to a misplacement of the top latches and/ or rivets?

Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.


Hola, Luis; ¿como estás?

I have some units with this case (HP48S/SX/G/G+/GX) and some of them have their edges 'lifted up' a little bit, as yours in the picture. I cannot tell for sure, but it seems to be normal.


Luiz (Brazil)


Obrigado Luiz, thank you for your response. I didn't know wether it was a common effect in the 48 series or a particularity of this machine.


I just looked at my GX and it looks similar.

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