48GII Specifications?


A while ago, a thread:


Indicated that the 'latest' 48GII calculators had both Serial and USB connectivity and uses 4AAA cells. The HP website today does not show this.

Can some one explain? Was it the older 48GII devices that were like this?

Thank you,


No, someone just hasn't updated it. I will mention it to the correct person later today to get fixed. Thanks.



Thanks Tim for the prompt reply.



Good to see the HP site has been updated.

I wonder if the HP48GII has the same physical connectors for the USB and Serial ports as the HP50G.

Also, I noticed that the link to the HP50g product manuals connects to the HP40G manuals!! Oops!



I wonder if the HP48GII has the same physical connectors for the USB and Serial ports as the HP50G.

The USB port is the same, but I don't know for certain about the serial port. I regularly plug both calculators into the same USB cable on my desk. The same connectivity software works with both calculators also.

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