HP-41 CX at ebay - reasonable price?


Hello all!

I've just discovered this HP-41 CX auction at ebay:

HP-41CX at ebay...

Would you regard this as a justified price for a HP-41 CX in this (promised) condition? I've checked earlier auctions of the seller and some CXs sold for even more, one for about 600$...

Since I've bought my (Fullnut) 41-CV I've started using it more and more (especially since I discovered HP41UC) and am thinking about buying a well preserved Halfnut 41-CX to have a spare.

My feeling tells me that's a bit high for a 41CX but I'm relatively new to this market, so I'd be interested in your opinion.



I wouldn't pay that much for a CX.


... neither would I...


All right, thanks for your quick feedback.

This atually confirms my thoughts...


... as you are interested in aerospace, sports and motorbikes, I'd guess you at least intend to use the calculators somehow.

If you want computing power, you´d add an HP50G to your 'wishing list', and it would serve you pretty well. If you want actual computing devices as tools to help you reasoning about a problem in order to solve it, so you need any scientific calculator. The HP41 series fit fine in most design needs, since they are easy to use and have as much power as you can add to them, either by programming or by ready-to-use application modules. And there are new tools (toys?) available today, by both Diego Diaz and Meindert Kuipers. These guys offer the ultimate, up-to-date data storage facilities you´d surely need to plug in any of your HP41 calculator.

Just check these out:

The Clonix homepage

MLDL2000 homepage

These are worth spending some bux with. Hope it helps.


Luiz (Brazilien)

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Hi Luiz,

thanks for your response. You are right, I actually do use my HP-41. Although I have to confess that I'm not nearly old enough to have witnessed the times when it came out, I'm nevertheless absolutely fascinated by this little machine and its abilities.

I'm not only interested in aerospace, I work as an aeronautical engineer. We develop, document and certify all sorts of fligth experiments, so my main jobs are engineering computations and the 41 does a great job on these. Besides, the look of colleagues when you get it out during a discussion for a quick calculation is just priceless...

However, once things start to get too intense regarding the math required to solve a problem I usually switch over to tools like Scilab (mainly because the results are much easier to document). So a HP50 would indeed by nice, but I doubt that I would use it to its full capabilities. A HP-41 serves both, my computational needs as well as my nostalgic interest in engineering history (I even put out my fathers slide rule from time to time, just to remind myself how complex things were in his early active years...)

By the way, thanks for the links, they sure look interesting! I will study them soon.

Best regards from Germany,

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