Hawkeye: Remember this one? (1/?)


Remember this one??

The Hawkeye with an additional connector!

It was not exactly pretty:

with a missing battery connector and corrosion all over the place...

Nevertheless, I purchased it:

- hoping to find some parts to repair a friends HP-67...

- and, out of curiosity, to check this:

The Hawkeye also had this curious Bendix overlay:

Before opening it, let's check the connector with close-ups:

This 7 holes connector is marked :

- on the top side: MIKM0-1-7SH003, that is a Microminiature Circular 7 pins connector. The MIKM series has a steel shell and improved ruggedness (Source is The ITT Industries website) .

- on the bottom side: ITT 7938.

We'll check it further after powering up and opening the calculator.

After cleanup, the battery compartment confirms the poor condition and corrosion of the connectors:

After checking the serial number, it appears the Hawkeye was built in 1980 and in Singapore:

which is pretty late for a Hawkeye, considering that the 41C was launched in 1979 (but we know from the Museum that the Hp-67 was discontinued as late as 1982).


Warning: do not power-up an Hp-67 and operate the card reader without a known good battery pack correctly connected.


...and know some good news:

Let's power up:

- it works :-)))))

- the keyboard is immaculate (but I hate those legends below the keys)

- the card reader is goeey (but this is good news as I like repairing them).

In the upcoming messages, I will update you on my investigations and findings.

Don't expect:

- frequent postings: I'm quite busy...

- High-res pics: I don't want to clutter Dave's server as I use the guest directory,

- complete reverse engineering: we would need the HIR for this ("Hacker In Residence", Tony, are you here ?)

Just to share the fun.

See you in the next post and have a nice summer!


Edited: because, after all those years, I still cannot get a post nicely formatted first shot.

Edited: 19 July 2009, 12:47 p.m.



Thanks for the followup information and pictures! I'm glad you posted it as it was an interesting topic for discussion earlier that we can continue now....... Here's my guess:

I've been looking at the the 97S connection its pod and I'll bet that this connector is a subset of that one using just the lines needed for keystroke input. In particular:

Ground (the shell)

The keyboard is arranged in a 14 x 4 matrix. A 1-of-14 counter is reset by the RCD line and incremented by the STR line. The KBA, KBC, KBD and KBE are the outputs. Whatever plugged into this MIKM series connector had to have a good bit of logic to make sure that the correct KBx line was at logic 0 (I think) at the correct time. This is exactly what the 97S pod does in addition to decoding some of the 97S instructions.


Edited: 19 July 2009, 1:26 p.m.

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