New HP 41CX


A new HP41CX is for sale on EBAY right now for US$650. Three questions :

1. Is it for real ?

2. Have there been other new ones for sale before ?

2. If it is real, is it worth it ?

What does everyone think?


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That same seller has attempted to sell these units (they have 7 of them listed, correct?) before, with no takers that I am aware of. So, in answer to your question as to whether they are worth it, it appears that the voting buyers have answered with a resounding.... no. They are bare (few accessories) and may be refurbished units from HP that have been in storage. I would guess they are good condition, fully functional units, and based upon past ebay sales for such, would be worth about $300, maybe a bit more, in an international auction. As with many such "Buy-it-Now" listings, I interpret it as "For Sale, To Those with More Money than Brains".

Dan Grelinger


BIN = 2 X TV


BIN = Buy It Now

TV = True Value

Note: This formula does not apply to Coburlin.


I know that someone in England found a pallet of brand new ones 6 or 7 years ago. I bought two of them early on for about $50 each... the last ones ended up selling towards the end for closer to $300, if I remember correctly. The two I have, are indeed, brand new and unused. I don't think they're refurbished. I've never used mine. I don't know if they'll be worth anything more in the future, but they're the only unused units in my collection. Except for one unused HP-71B.....

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Actually, several crossed the $700 mark before he ran out... I think one hit $850 or so during the Christmas season. Early on, $200-$300 was the range once people heard they where in fact as advertised. Initially he was selling multiple units at the same time but soon learned to do one at a time.

I bought several. Sold all but one that I have in safe keeping :)

IMO $650 isn't out of line.


If it is new, I tend to agree that such an item that should be 30 years old , but sort of isn't, is worth a premium.

As a matter of interest would the electronics within such a machine be 'as good as new' or would they be susceptible to sudden failure , as a used model might ?

Nigel ' slightly tempted by one ' Bamber

PS $50 - what a bargain !


I hope this isn't too boneheaded a question. I will soon be getting reimbursed for a training course I took this spring, and have decided I would like to use a bit of the money to try and get myself a 41CX. However, experience has taught me that I'm not awfully good at winning things on eBay, partly because I often don't know what my bidding limit "should" be for a particular item.

What would a reasonable price be for a 41CX with, say, manuals and a couple of modules included, in good working condition?

I appreciate any input.


$250 if in great condition.

My advice:

  1. Track down 10 that you like. Put them on your watch list, see what they sell for.
  2. Open up an Auction Sniper account.
  3. Track down another 10 that you like. Decide what you are willing to pay for each one. Some may only be worth $100 to you, others more.
  4. In Auction Sniper create a bid group. Put all 10 in there and the price you are willing to pay for each. Also put in the bid group to quit after wining just one. AND, be very careful that the end times for all 10 are separated by a few minutes. (You do not want to win more that one).

If the above fails, then you need to spend more. Take your time, no rush, there are always 41CXes for sale. Start cheap, and if you like it, get a better one later, and then put your old one back out in to the community for others.

Just my $0.02 US.


Thank you, that is succinct, doable & helpful! :)


I'd definitely second the sniping suggestion. Although I have never used automatic auction sniping services, I have won a few auctions by simply logging in a few minutes before the auction I was watching ended, and then, with seconds left on the clock, entered my maximum bid. This worked pretty well for me (although it will probably become less and less successful as automatic sniping becomes more common). Bidding earlier just gives other bidders more time to respond.

The advantage of sniping is that you don't announce your willingness to bid any earlier than necessary. As long as eBay auctions have a fixed duration, there is zero advantage to *you* of bidding any earlier than necessary. But, whether you're sniping or not, it is advisable to decide how much you're willing to pay for a particular item, and stick to that maximum no matter what. It is easy to get excited and spend an amount you end up regretting -- I think psychologically speaking, it's similar to what happens to some people in casinos (hint: bring however much you can afford to lose, in cash, and leave your checks and credit cards at home).

Tip: if you see something that looks really interesting but that nobody has bid on at all yet, you may want to make a very low initial bid. That bid is virtually guaranteed to get beaten (and if it doesn't, you'll get the item at a ridiculously low price!), but it has the effect of preventing the seller from withdrawing the auction or changing its terms. This prevents some annoying practices by certain people we all know and love. ;-)

Happy collecting!

- Thomas

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