HP41: What is a CCD module


I've seen reference to a CCD module for an HP41. I know one meaning for CCD, but I can't imagine it's the right one in this case.


The CCD Rom was developed in West Germany and has functions that cover the following spectrum: HP-41 system enhancements, Utilities, Mathematical Functions, I/O operations. In alot of ways, this Rom is similar to the Zenrom module. Apparently, this Rom does have several bugs. There is a good write up on this Rom in the book "Extend your HP-41"


"CCD" means Computer Club Deutschland, a similar club to the PPC, but located in Germany. Like the PPC they produced their own module and sold this to their members. I don't know exactly what it does, but I should be able to find out. I assume it contains similar programs to the PPC module, but I may be wrong at this point.

I have to ask some friends, who own a HP-41 since 15 years. I am a HP-41 newbie, I began with a 71 when it came out. So I have to learn something about programming (synthetic and ML). Hardware is much easier to build :-) when I find time for that

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