Young 35S User Unimpressed By Mediocre Complex Number Support


Our little Jack, born July 25th:



Way to go, Jack :-)


Well Jack is a pretty demanding guy. He is not satisfied with just barely good enough. Just ask anyone who knows him ;-)


Missing traces of saliva on the 35S. Thus, I doubt the term "user" ;)


At least, this thing was obviously watering his mouth, right before he was told about the missing complex number support with sqrt-which explains the disapointment shown.


Please don't show the picture when he finds out that P->R and R->P are also missing (as X,Y in-out commands)
The missing R->C (x,y -> x) and C->R (x - x,y) plus some other anomalities is enough to look dissapointed, he's surely gonna roar like a lion (or cry like a baby - as I do) when he finds out the rest of the missing features...

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