IR module slows down 41CX


I ran a benchmark on two different 41CXs (one full, one half). The benchmark completes in 1076 seconds on each machine. But if I insert the IR module in the halfnut the benchmark takes 1269 seconds. I did not test the fullnut yet. TESTP passed with OK, and the IR module functions as expected (e.g. PRP works just fine).

Is this a known issue? I only found one reference to this (user said that keyboard was slow with IR installed).



Perhaps you have the flags set for TRACE or NORM mode, so it's trying to print stuff, which naturally slows it down since the printer is no speed demon. Execute "MAN" (or clear flags 15 and 16) to set MAN mode.

I'd expect having the module installed, even in MAN mode, to slow it down a little bit, but not 25%. However, I've never actually tried to benchmark it.


I ran XEQ MAN, then reran on both full and half nuts, I also tried different slots (1 and 4) with nothing else installed. Same reduced performance.


Hmmm... maybe the code in the module that responds to polls from the mainframe is extremely inefficient. Maybe you should try the test again after executing PRTOFF.

It would be interesting to see the same benchmark run with the 82143A printer, and with the 82162A printer w/ HP-IL module, with both set to MAN mode.


Problem solved. New timing with PRTOFF: 1094. 18 seconds slower.

Earlier you stated:

I'd expect having the module installed, even in MAN mode, to slow it down a little bit, but not 25%.

Well it is a bit slow. Just curious, why?



82162A printer w/ HP-IL module

MAN and NORM take 1390 seconds.


Care to try using the PPC ROM, synthetics, or the like to turn off flag 55 (printer existence) while the 82162A is present? It would be interesting to see whether that gets it close to the IR w/ PRTOFF timing.


Care to try using the PPC ROM

Do not have one.
You'll have to walk me through this one.


which modules do you have Egan? Do you have any of the CCD, Clonix/NoVram,MLDL2000?

All of them would allow a relatively quick SF/CF55. If not you would need a little program (which would use synthetic instructions for which you would need things like ByteGraber or LoadByte etc. A bit of a longish exercise from scratch)

But there might be bar-codes of the relevant programs but I don't know off hand where and which ones would make it most easy for you to do a SF/CF 55.

If I get a chance later on today/night I'll see what I can dig up with regards to bar-codes.




Shoot me a bar code if you don't mind. I do not have any of the aforementioned modules.


I just tried CF 21 (printer functions) with no luck (1390 seconds). But flipping the disable switch on the HP-IL module fixed it (1093 seconds).


Egan, the program 'IF' - Invert Flag from the PPC Rom lets you set/clear any flag including flag 55. The PPC Rom Manual (on the DVD here I think and definitely on the DVD from TOS) has Barcodes at the end of the manual. I've done a scan and will try to email but the quality might not be good enough.

Hope that helps.




the program 'IF' - Invert Flag from the PPC Rom lets you set/clear any flag including flag 55.
Or, if you have the ZENROM, it's TOGF (TOGle Flag) for the same thing, good for all 56 flags.

With Peter's help I was able to get "IF" (invert flag) loaded into my 41.

Summary of results (time in seconds, benchmark code below):

Base (no modules):                                  1076
IR Module: 1269 (+193)
IR Module + MAN: 1269 (+193)
IR Module + MAN + MANIO: 1269 (+193)
IR Module + PRTOFF: 1094 ( +18)
Base + HP-IL (not connected):                       1117 ( +41)
HP-IL (connected to printer): 1390 (+314)
HP-IL (connected to printer) + MAN: 1390 (+314)
HP-IL (connected to printer) + MAN + CF 21: 1390 (+314)
HP-IL (connected to printer) + (disable switch): 1093 ( +17)
HP-IL (connected to printer) + 55 IF: 1390 (+314)
IF does clear 55, but a second later it gets set. Clearing 15, 16, and 21 before IF does not help.
HP-IL (connected to printer) + 55 IF (in program):  1118 ( +42)
The AVIEW at the end turns on 55 and output is printed as well. The timing is a second more (due to 55 IF at start of program) than HP-IL installed but not connected to anything.

Others that are PPC ROM-less like myself can obtain high resolution scans of the PPC ROM bar codes suitable for wand input at: (PPC CD 2 V 3.01).


Here is the code if any want to test:

01 LBL "NQ41"      16 STO IND 00      31 X=0?            46 ARCL 10         
02 FIX 00 17 LBL 01 32 GTO 03 47 >" IN "
03 CLRG 18 ISG 10 33 ABS 48 TIME
04 TIME 19 DEG 34 RCL 00 49 HR
05 HR 20 RCL 00 35 RCL 09 50 RCL 12
06 STO 12 21 STO 09 36 - 51 -
07 8 22 LBL 02 37 X#Y? 52 3600
08 STO 11 23 DSE 09 38 GTO 02 53 *
09 LBL 00 24 DEG 39 LBL 03 54 FIX 02
10 RCL 00 25 RCL 09 40 DSE IND 00 55 ARCL X
11 RCL 11 26 X=0? 41 GTO 01 56 >" SEC"
12 X=Y? 27 GTO 00 42 DSE 00 57 AVIEW
13 GTO 04 28 RCL IND 00 43 GTO 03 58 RTN
14 ISG 00 29 RCL IND 09 44 LBL 04 59 END
15 DEG 30 - 45 "S="



Edited: 24 June 2008, 3:49 p.m.

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