HP82143A internals


For the development of an HP-41 emulator, I'm searching informations about the internals of the HP-41's HP82143A thermal printer, particularly:

- Informations about the status registers. Currently, I'm able to emulate everything which works in character mode, e.g. LIST, PRREG etc., but PRPLOT which uses column mode, doesn't work properly (Missing linefeeds). I suspect that this is due to an incomplete description of the status registers' behaviour in my software.

- Articles in the PPC or CHHU journals. Does anyone know volumes/numbers in which informations about the 82143a appear? Until now, I've just found an article in PPC Journal, volume 7, no. 6, which explains the control characters and printer modes, but does not cover the status registers.

- The VASM listing of the Printer ROM. Anyone out there who wants to sell his/a copy of his listing?

I would appreciate any hints,



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