Hewlett Packard HP 82164A HP-IL / RS-232C and 71b



Could anyone let me know if this is the right equipment to allow me to move files from a PC to my 71b? Would I need more?

Thanks! Mike


Here is the easy part:


The hard part is getting DOS EMU71 on the PC to directly connect to a serial port. There are a number of commercial packages that provide a service or driver for Windows that will permit DOS programs to directly access serial ports (including USB->Serial devices). I have yet to find a free one.


Do you know the names of any of the commercial packages with the drivers?
Thanks, Mike



I've have had limited success with Dosbox and/or Bochs. Both allow DOS to run in an emulated environment. Both simulate serial ports. But I have not had the time to work out all the kinks.

If you figure this out, please share.

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If that's of any help, the Clonix 'burning' software comes with a serial port driver for NT/W2K/XP...

See www.clonix41.org for more details.


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