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Too bad the program pointer resets to line (0)00 each time the calculator gets turned on!

-- Antonio


Too bad the program pointer resets to line (0)00 each time the calculator gets turned on!

Hi, Antonio --

I assume that you're speaking of the original HP-12C as well as the "Platinum" versions. If the user cannot edit programs in an insert/delete fashion, then it may not be important in most cases that the pointer position is not retained. Now, if 400 steps of programming are available but no editing, that 's a different problem...


-- KS


Yes, but this is my case (e.g. 12C):

I have a program (A) in 00

I also have a program (B), say, in 46

(I read the post, and it was not clear even to me, so I clarify)

Each program, crunching numbers, is like:

00 (start of program A)
xx (do something)
44 R/S
45 GTO 00
for program A and
46 (start of program B)
xx (do something else)
xx R/S
xx GTO 46
for program B

So I use R/S to start the program after each input, being sure that the pointer will remain "in zone" after execution, whatever program I'm using.

But with program B, after auto shut off, the pointer resets to 00 (i.e. to program A).
This forces me to GTO 46 after each auto shut off.

Yes, editing is cumbersome and 99 steps are few, but even this facility is negated!

-- Antonio

Edited: 30 Nov 2007, 3:44 a.m.

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