hp-35s in Norway


Just in case any Norwegians goes here that wonder when one could stroll down to the local hp pusher to pick up a HP-35s: Talked with one shop that contacted their supplier (that would be hp Norway?) and it will NOT be in BEFORE Xmas this year... Sigh,... well at least it is comming...


Skuffet? Whenever it appears, I would like to see it and, like with a car, "try it before I buy it". So far, I'm quite satisfied with a 10C in my shirt pocket and a 48SX on my desk. So, we'll see...
BTW I just discovered that my 10C has the same downward slanting display as the 35s. I hadn't noticed it before :-)
And the 10C is still working without a change of batteries!!


I don't understand how anyone has a voyager go 20 years on a set of batteries. I regularly ran out of juice in my 11c back in its early days--more or less on a yearly basis.

However my wife's sharp elsi-mate made over 15 years on the original alkaline AA cell!


The MoHPC indicates that there may be several 10C's running on the original batteries. I admit that my 10C has been used a lot less than the 48SX, which I bought when it was introduced. I have changed its batteries only once.

PS Jeg er trönder...


Allo, allo Trønder..., Bergenser her.. :-). Make some sound if you observers some hp-35s up there in NTNU land before seen elsewhere!


Well, my hp calculators died a long time ago, even before got out of schools. Having lived all those years without a usable calculator I should be able to hold on some more months... :-)

Actual, right now I am pretty much able to borrow my boss' old hp15c whenever in need to check those numbers my programs produces...

Skuffet? Nae, great to see hp still can do it (right)!

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