HP 50G keys


Just curious, as I have never had the pleasure to play with a 50G, but what are the 50G keys like? Do they have same feel as 48GX or are they mush, like?


Just got one yesterday. The keys are not bad and not so mushy but not as good as those on the 48S/G. The calculatr as a whole doesn't have the same quality as the 48 series.


The 50g keys are very firm and clicky. They do not have the same feel as a 48 SX/GX however. The plastic feels different, and the key tops are not rounded.

I don't mind the keys, though I prefer the keys on the 35s. I hope that there is a new version of the 50g in the works that will use the 35s keys. If the 50g had a wide enter key and sloped 35s style keys, I think it would be my favorite (currently made) calculator. It's really a very nice product even as it is.


I've been using my 50g for a month or so now. To me, the keys feel similar to the 48G's (which are perfect, IMO), but harder. They're a bit too hard for my tastes, but I'm getting used to them. I have a big hairy equation that I use as a benchmark. It takes me 27 sec. on my 48G, but 30 on my 50g. It also takes 30 sec. on my 33s and its keys are about as hard as the 50g's. I doubt I'll ever be as fast with the 50g, although will probably get to 28-29 sec. after I use it longer.

It's such a darn nice calculator overall, though, that I think I'm willing to stick with it. I find myself using a lot more of its advanced features than I thought I would.

I agree that it doesn't have that same quality feel as the 48G, but time will tell if it is tough enough. My biggest quality gripe is the battery compartment cover. It's not a monumental disaster (28S for example), but opens way too easily. A little piece of tape secures it.


In my opinion, the major difference is the distance the key has to travel. On the 48, this distance is about a third less, and thus a much "snappier" feel on that compared to the 50g.



I think you're right. I find myself pushing a key, finger moving toward the next one, and realizing that the previous one didn't register. That probably is more of a travel distance issue than stiffness.

BTW, where the heck did you get 1/3 less? Did you measure that? Now THAT would be some extreme calculator scrutiny, LOL.


Hi Vincze

The key detents on my 50G are a bit more subtle that on my 48GX, but still very nice...they actually feel about the same as the keys on my 15C.

All in all, the 50G seems a very good machine...some very powerful functionality topped off with a fantastic display. The ability to display the entire stack in textbook format is really nice...and as I've said before, this lets you build an equation right on the stack using RPN keystrokes...much easier (IMO) than the algebraic logic required in the equation writer environment.

Best regards, Hal

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