48GX info needed


Years ago I had an HP48sx. I got in during a promotion that got you a "free" equations ROM card. Also on the card was a Periodic Table with a massive amount of chemical data. I know the equtions library is built into the 48GX but have not been able to find out if the Periodic Table is. Can anyone help?



I was also sad noticing the Periodic Table is not built in the G-Series.


Try http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/science/chemistry/

It's for free and it really works.

Hope it helps




Thanks, pal. I was not known about it.

(Valeu! Não sabia dessa. Ôh, deaparecido; por onde andou?)


Andei meio ocupado com um projeto indstrial de +/- 6300 m2 de estrutura de concreto...



As always the members of this forum quickly come through with the info I need. Thanks!

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