35s Matrix


I no see any information so I need to ask. Does the 35s handle Matrix math?


Best regard from V.


Ah, to V (incze) and V (alentin) :

Now with so many indirectly addressable registers... what, 800+?... it may not be so hard to write a (small?) program to do matrix math.

In the 33S, 32SII, and other RPN HP calculators in the same class, scientific programmables, the relatively limited amount of storage registers and program space limited how big a matrix the calculator could handle, even if you wrote a program to do it. But now, with about 800, even if only indirectly addressable, storage registers...

... <:o !!

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contains a program giving the matrix utility programs from the HP41 PPC ROM modified to work with the 35s.

These provide a fairly easy way to write a Determinant and Inverse program for the 35s, which I had at about 95% done...just can't get back to it. :-)

However, given that Valentin says he has a 35s, I expect a program to do matrix wonders in about 1/2 the space and run time of anything I might attempt. :-)


Um... Gene, forgive the stupid question:

where/how can I access this (or any) issue of Datafile?


Hi again, Ed:

Ed posted:

    "where/how can I access this (or any) issue of Datafile? "

Best regards from V.


Good morning Valentin. If I join Datafile, does it allow me to view articles online? Also, how many pages is typical magazine? Is it also possible to see a preview magazine before purchase so I understand better what is in it?



The magazine is automatically sent to members of the HPCC club, pretty much 6 times a year.

You don't buy the magazine. You join the club and the magazine is sent to members.

Some articles are put online for all to see the types of articles that are published, but electronic versions of the Datafile magazine are not available.


If I join HPCC, how soon would I see Datafile magazine?


Hi Vincze.

I apologise for jumpin' in, but I think I can put my experience on the table here :-)

According to what is stated on the Datafile page :

HPCC's policy is that current issues of Datafile are only available in printed form. For convenience, back issues up to and including 2003 are available on cd-rom from Jake Schwartz

The "typical" magazine page number varies from issue to issue - due to the number of contributions from members.

As far as the contents go, please be reassured that they are worth every penny :-)

In fact you'll find a lot of interesting articles about many different HP devices,

hardware and software insights, reviews and many many other pieces of information.

Last but not least, the thrill to receive, every month, a good old paper magazine,

with that good smell of printed matter... A jump back to the future ;-).

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


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I very tempted to join, but I know wife will have my head. She got very mad at me for buying the 35s, even though I use at work. She say I have computer at work and do not need calculator. She somewhat right, but she does not understand that calculator is much quicker to use than computer.

Thank you for all information though.


Hi, Giancarlo,

I appear as the author of something related to HP-33Ss appearing on the July/August 2006 number of Datafile, but I've never actually written for Datafile, but only to this Forum. Being not a HPCC member, I'd like to read what *I wrote*, so I'm asking you (and other HPCC members) to link a pdf copy of the page where the article is hosted. Just for curiosity.

Thanks in advance.

-- Antonio


Ciao Antonio.

In July/August 2006 I was not a member of HPCC yet, so I'm afraid I can't provide any insight about your curiosity
(I haven't got any printed issue of the Datafile dating back to July/August 2006).

But now I'm curious too to see how did you manage to *write* that article ;-)

Best regards.


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Ciao Giancarlo.

What I can say is that here in this Forum I posted some notes about integer division on the HP-33s, noting there was something wrong.

Probably these notes resounded in someone's ears, and this someone (attributing the article to me) reported my observations.

I wasn't contacted for this, but I won't complain, since it's an honor for me.

But as for this, I'm curious to see:

1) the format of the article

2) its real content

3) ***My name in front of it*** !!!

I'm human, after all!

-- Antonio


I want not to sound dumb, but what datafile? Is webpage, yes?


Yes, this might be considered commercial. Apologies :-)

Datafile is the journal of the HPCC club from England

This journal is the last remaining (?) printed journal of any HP calculator club in the world.

Join the club and get lots of extra goodies for many different machines. Many articles written by excellent authors such as Valentin and Tony Hutchins appear there and no where else.



Many articles written by excellent authors such as Valentin and Tony Hutchins appear there and no where else.

And Gene Wright, of course. 8)



Hi, Ed:

Ed posted:

    "Now with so many indirectly addressable registers [...] it may not be so hard to write a (small?) program to do matrix math.

      Vincze's original question is: "Does the 35s handle Matrix math?", which I take it to mean whether it includes built-in matrix functions.

      The answer is still "No".

Best regards from V.


A simple NO, BUT... is certainly of great interest if one asks for a build-in-function which does not exist. I mean we are talking about a programable scientific, so a nice work around in form of a neat little program might be a buying argument for somebody who absolutly need matrice math.

Of course a "NO" answer (in the subject line) was correct math. Like a very sufficient and byte-saving RPN-program ;-)


Hi, Frank:

Frank posted:

    "[...] a nice work around in form of a neat little program might be a buying argument for somebody who absolutly need matrice math."

      There's no "neat little program" which can do decent NxN system solution, matrix inversion, or determinant computations if there's no built-in support for matrices, even if only at the level of row-manipulation primitives.

      If "somebody absolutely needs matrice math", they would do well to have a look at other HP calc models much better suited to the task, such as all RPL models, the HP-71B/Math, the HP42S, the HP-41C/Advantage, or the HP-15C. Decent HP35s' matrix programs are never going to be "little" and certainly will be orders of magnitude slower.

Best regards from V.


Amen to that. Whilst the 35s may be a nice departure from HP's recent track record (deplorable?), let's not write home about alleged goodness that won't hold true.

No matrix, no cigar :-)


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