HP 48GX Freezes with Cancel/On button


Hello all "listeners",

I have a beloved HP 48GX that's 10 years old, and it recently started locking up on me. It turns on with a zero and a cursor, and when I hit "cancel", it freezes. I can hit "enter" and it displays a regular stack, and I can perform operations and access menus, but the calculator is very slow. But ultimately it locks up and I have to perform a hard reset or removed a battery to get it going again. It's basically inoperable, and I've ordered an HP 35S (already have a 33S which stinks), because I've pretty much written my 48GX off as dead.

Anyone had this happen and been able to revive theirs?



The zero key is failing, that's why it appears when the unit powers up. While you might be able to get a few more miles out of it with several cycles through an ultrasonic cleaner (the only way to clean the key internals), but ultimately it is a lost cause as the key will short completely at some point and then it will no longer turn on.


Thanks for the response. I don't know whether to have it cremated or embalmed!!


Do what just about everybody else seems to do... sell it on eBay. With a disclaimer of course.

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