HP-35S $40.40 shipped w/rebate buy.com


Slick deal on the HP-35S from buy.com $40.40 after rebate:

Go to buy.com and order a HP-35S. After adding to your cart click this link:


(listed here: http://www.greatcoupons-online.com/online-coupons/1035.html )

That will get you $5 off when you add it. When you checkout on buy.com you will be
offered a magazine subscription. By declining the magazine you can get a $10 mail-in
rebate from "M2 Processing." PDF link is shown next to the magazine offer.

Choose budget shipping. Total comes out to $50.40 with tax and free shipping.
If the $10 rebate works, it should cost $40.40 plus a stamp. Best deal I have seen!



Great ultimate price, Mike, and I almost went for it, but I didn't like their privacy policy, i.e., the way Buy.com collects and shares your personal data with third parties.

I'll try another source from which I won't worry too much about any potential spam.


Well... I took the plunge. I did review their privacy policy again before committing to the purchase. I'll try to remember to let you all know if the rebate will take.

Thanks again for the heads up, Mike.

Incidentally, did anyone notice that at buy.com, the 49G+ cost more than the 50G? (It wasn't by much, just a few dollars, but it's still surprising.)

Edited: 22 July 2007, 11:43 p.m.


I got my calculator and sent in the rebate. I did notice the receipt that came with the calculator did not show the dollar amount, while the rebate form says the receipt should show the dollar amount. It remains to be seen whether the $10 comes.

I used a spammed-out email address.


Mike, I got mine today... didn't get to open it up and hold it in my hand until tonight. It came all right and is to my eyes to this point in fine shape. I have no idea what some of the other guys are complaining about.

Oh, by the way, I sent in my rebate even before it got here; I used to order confirmation.


I signed up as a new user on buy.com and paid via Paypal with free shipping -- total cost $46.99 (no rebate needed). I'm not sure how long it will take to get here but they sent me a UPS tracking number within 24 hours.

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