50g Connectivity Issues


Hello all! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but your (generally) positive reviews of the 50g drove me to add one to my HP collection.

However, there is one nagging issue with my calculator that forces me to seek help on this forum.

I can not get my 50g to connect with either of my two computers, each running WinXP. I have installed and unistalled the Conn4x software and drivers multiple times on each machine, with no luck. Also, when connected my XP resources window in My Computer does not recognize the calculator as a USB device.

I am using Conn4x v2.3, build 2436 and the USB driver that came with the calculator. All I get is the error message 'Error. No device detected. Check cable connections and the calculator'

I've scoured the calculator documentation and the HPMuseum form, but I can't figure out what's up. Since this is a subject that has not received a lot of attention I'm beginning to think I've got a bum calculator.

So, any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone out there experience the same 'issue' and have a solution? As always, thanks in advance.



Duh (sound of head banging on heavy wooden table)

Right shift/right arrow

(sound of more banging)

OK, let me further expose my inability to solve my own problems...

Will the 50g print to my old 82240B IR printer, or has that capability been phased out with the 49 series?

Again, thanks in advance...



Will the 50g print to my old 82240B IR printer, or has that capability been phased out with the 49 series?

Surely, but don't forget to check flag -33 [MODES, FLAGS]. The printer has to be closer to the 50g, when compared to the 48G series, no more than one inch apart I think.




Make that flag -34 for Print via IR / Print via wire.

Flag -33 is for Transfer via wire / Transfer via IR.

For the 48 series, "Print via IR" is the default, but for the 49 series, the "screen capture" capabilities of the "connectivity kits" require "Print via wire", so that's the new default.

Of course on the 49G, clearing flag -34 (Print via IR) has the effect of disabling printing, and setting flag -33 (Transfer via IR) has the effect of disabling all external I/O.



Great post Brian. I just got a 50G last night. It is still in the package, but I was sooner or later about to attempt your same error. Whatever you can do wrong, I can do wrongger. ( wrongger - sure it's a word, it's a verb, I have been practicing it all my life.)


Will the 50g print to my old 82240B IR printer, or has that capability been phased out with the 49 series?

It sure will. I use it with my 49G+ to print out program listings all the time. Keep in mind the IR range is much shorter than the 48 series--a few inches at best--but save that it works pretty well.

I haven't gotten much feedback on this, but I have raised the point in the past that SD card storage capacity makes direct PC connectivity less essential than it was in the 48 series. I have gone so far as to even declare that at this time there is really no good reason for a serious user of the 49G+ and 50G calculators NOT to have an SD card in the calculator at all times. 512MB are the smallest size widely available and run 20 to 30 dollars, cheaper when on sale. You may have family or friends who have, say, a 128MB card that has proved too small for camera or MP3 use, but is more than enough for a 50G where the objects to be stored are comparatively tiny. I routinely create program objects on my pc as text files, transfer them to SD card then calculator, then do on the calculator a little refinement so various symbols are rendered in the appropriate form. Works beautifully. And backing up the memory contents and flag settings is breeze thanks to a small program I wrote to execute the instructions in a single key press.

I don't use Conn4x or equivalents much, as a result, but am interested in being persuaded why I should. This all said, I am glad you got your setup to work.



I'm glad that you got Conn4x to work for you, but I recall that some problems were reported for the version originally shipped with the 50g. If you have any trouble with build 2436, then try the latest build (currently 2439), available from HP's site. Actually, I think that Conn4x is identical for all supported MS Windows versions, but "choose your poison". It seems to me that I've read that is also works with MS Windows Vista.

Alternatively, you could try the older Build 2353, which seems to work okay, and I think is still available at hpcalc.org.

Personally, I find it easier to use an MMC or SD card for transfers.

Of course you can't use an 82240A/B with a 49G (which lacks the IR hardware), but except for the drastically reduced range, the 49g+ and 50g work just fine with the infrared printers.


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Since you are running XP you may want to install Debug4x (basically Emu48+ with ROMs and development tools). At a minimum you get a 50g emulator out of it.

You can also use Conn4x with with Emu48+. Although Emu48 has primitive cut/paste. I find that I can keep the two in sync easier with Conn4x. You'll need something like http://com0com.sourceforge.net/ to create the virtual connection. I created a pair of virtual null modem cables. One for Emu48+/50g and the other for Emu48/48gx.

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