PPC-T discussion on Yahoo ?


I found that there is discussion named PPC-T on Yahoo.
But it is not possible to sign into this discussion. Anyone have the informations, why this group is totally closed ?


This group is still alive, but at another location. The volume is low, but the content is "high." The administrator (Jean-Daniel Dodin?) grew weary of the yahoo situation, and found he could do mail groups on his own domain.

Below is an excerpt that tells you how to log onto his new list.

"see you there"



so you can switch to the new list

to do so, send a mail to




anywhere in the mail. That's all - after you receive the acknowledgement, you
may unsubcribe from yahoo if you know how


Thx for your information.
I am already subscribed in this new mailing list, but I did not know that it is the identical mail list.
Now, I just need to figure how to gain the access to the older messages, because the link to the archive (from Mr. Dodin Web page) is still pointing to the Yahoo! group, where I do not have the access...

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