does somebody know where to get a copy of the manual for the Math/Stat Pac Module of the HP 41 series ??
Many thanks in advance, Roland


The musuem CD have them. You can buy a single CD that has these manuals. CHeck the web site for the link that lists what's on the CDs.



It is also available on the internet, but do buy the museum's CD-set. It is really great!


Namir, Klaus,
thanks to both of you, I did cross-check the museum, you can find anythink you can imagine, however I couldn't find the manual for this specific math/stat module, did I miss something?
Regards, Roland


The Math/Stat module didn't come with its own manual. Included with the module was a copy of the manual for the Math Pac and a copy of the manual for the Stat Pac. The Math/Stat Pac effectively just combined those two modules into one housing.



I believe that this particular PAC was a repackaging of the "Math Pac" and the "Stat Pac" into one module. As such, it shipped with 2 manuals, one for "Stat Pac" and another for "Math Pac" and didn't have one manual all to itself.

Plugging in this one (combined) module acts the same as plugging in one "Math Pac" module and one "Stat Pac" module, except it only takes up one Port.

Hope this helps,

Dan M.


...that helps, thanks a lot to all of you, Roland

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