HOT HP45 sale at ... you know where


You just gotta see this one: EBay Link


Uh, that would be your everyday survey use HP45. I've seen far worse that still work after thirty years in the field.

If you needed a classic charger and battery to rebuild, that might end up being a good deal. Even better, if you like restoration projects, that 45 would be good fun. Nothing there that a good cleaning, some elbow grease and silver paint wouldn't freshen up.

Just because you're old and showing your age - would you want to be discarded in the trash? That 45 could probably teach us all a few things... but then I'm speaking for myself ;^)


Is there paint that would look as good as the original? If so could you let me know where to get it?


I repaired my hp-41cx, and I am trying to repair my first hp-25 and another hp-11c, it would be nice to try with the hp-45


I use machines like that to get other machines working. Typically parts would wind up restoring about 8-12 other machines.

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