CASCMD vs. HELP on 50G


Got a new 50G for Christmas. So far I like it a lot, but have been struggling a bit with the documentation. For example:

TOOL NXT brings up two softkeys, CASCMD (F1) and HELP (F2). According to the User's Guide (p. 1-7), CASCMD is supposed to launch CAS commands from a list, and HELP is supposed to describe CAS commands from a list.

But in reality, CASCMD seems to have the same functionality as HELP. Both CASCMD and HELP both bring up the same list of CAS commands; selecting any command brings up a description. So they seem redundant.

I found this issue discussed in a
previous November 2006 thread
for the 49G+ here at MoHPC. The conclusion was that the two functions were indeed identical.

However, I have noticed one difference between CASCMD and HELP on my 50G (VER: 4.20060602, VERSION: HP50-C, Revision #2.09). If you enter a specific CAS command on the stack as a string (e.g. "ACOS2S"), and hit CASCMD, then it will open the CAS command list with that specific command already highlighted. So CASCMD can accept a string as input. HELP apparently doesn't do this. If there is no string on the stack, then CASCMD and HELP seem to function identically.

Not sure that this is a particularly valuable feature, and it still isn't like the manual, but there is a difference.

Edited: 5 Jan 2007, 1:02 p.m.

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