Greetings from the Allschwil Meeting 06


Hi Folks,

Here we are now (or even the people who are still here.....

From left to right:

Mike, Raymond, Christoph, Meindert, Matthias, Bram, Jean-Francois (sitting, as he drove the whole day....)


Greetings to you all!
Looks like heating works well in your house... ;-)

Oh, and nice boxes on the background!

I hope to be there too next time, at last.



I sure wish I could be there! I had my General Chemistry IA (inorganic) midterm exam today, along with a lab assignment. It was reasonably fun, and I got a good grade on the exam, but your meeting must be much more fun.

Maybe I can attend a future meeting.

Your collection looks beautifully organized. Mine is a shambles.



I am working on a machine to beam people up, just like in Star Trek. My first test is to beam up into that nice room in the picture and check out the goodies on the shelves!!!! I sure will not be empty handed when I beam back to my house!!!! There MIGHT be a nice sale on eBay after that .... under the handle coAliBaba.

Sounds like you guys had really good fun!!!




I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see the picture of the calculators behind the group of people... (No offense to the handsome group!) Looks like a nice collection! :)~



Greetings to Allschwill!

Nice to see HP ALARM Mike! Let's see: 23:55 in timezone +2 (MESZ), that must be 17:55 in timezone -4 (EDT) and the message was posted at 18:04 so only 9 minutes after it was taken. And when you wake today you'll be switched back to MEZ.

Hullo J-F G - thanks again for EMU41 for the HP200LX!

Sure looks an interesting room.


Edited: 29 Oct 2006, 12:05 a.m.


Dear Sir - Master of the HP-12C - most respected Esquire!

I had to document the hour the photo was taken by showing HP-Alarm on my 200LX. It was when we came back from town where we had dinner in the center of the hearbeat of Basle city and - after that - a nice walk to the Basler Münster. For me as a homesick it was an important topic of the meeting's agenda.

I'd like to thank Matthias once more for the organisation of the meeting and - not less - every attender. Some made quite a big distance for it and did show very interesting, very sophisticated topics that deserves more audience. Thank you!


PS: I forgot on the meeting to mention the song "Pocket Calculator" of the group "Kraftwerk" (ancient pioneers in electronic music), but when I google for it, it seems to be known.

PSPS: When I see the photo I can't believe that the next three days I was boxed in depression, damned scourge!


Sir Mike, Knight Emulatorus!

Thanks, I hadn't heard of "The Pocket Calculator" song.


Keep fighting the big D - 3 days is too long!



I am intrigued by that contraption on the top right hand side of the picture.

What is it?




This is a so called theodolite, a measurement system for surveyors. On the meeting, Rainer Meng showed us how to coordinates with a theodolite and how the HP-41CY works with this. He is a surveyor and uses these units in daily use. (Ok, modern theodolites do have a computer in it what makes the HP-41CY useless... [but not for us collectors]) ;)




Next time I am in your country I will take a train to Basil and visit your collection and of course meet a first class HP collector like yourself in person!!! I guess a Saturday (sometime in May 2007) will be a good day???




This is a so called theodolite, a measurement system for surveyors. On the meeting, Rainer Meng showed us how to coordinates with a theodolite and how the HP-41CY works with this. He is a surveyor and uses these units in daily use. (Ok, modern theodolites do have a computer in it what makes the HP-41CY useless... [but not for us collectors]) ;)



very interesting, thanks for the quick replay.



Following the concept script of my demonstration.



Allschwil Meeting 2006


2 year gone, the emulators look like 2 years ago, so what's new?

		Version 2004	Version 2006

Emu10 v0.92
Emu32 v0.75

Emu28 v1.05 v1.12
Emu42 v1.01 v1.08
Emu48 v1.35 v1.42

Emu42PPC v1.01 v1.07
Emu48PPC v1.00 v1.11

1) General Emulator bugfixes

General bugfixes

  • several bug fixes in KML script lexical scanner
  • CPU slow down
  • improved timer2 interrupt accuracy
  • Timer addressing
  • sometimes wrong results with add and sub with illegal decimal number entry as 2nd operator

General additions

  • new display Zoom factor 3
  • new "Follow..." command for Debugger Memory window
  • garbage collection for "Load Object..."
  • sound support for Win98 (PC speaker) + wave support (sound card)
  • minor improvements in lexical KML script scanner
  • keyboard macro recorder for Emu28 and Emu48

1.1) Emu28


  • LowBat emulation
  • new display engine with emulation of display row driver
  • educalc RAM expansion for 28C (4K, 32K, 64K)
  • support of real numbers in Copy/Paste Stack

1.2) Emu42


  • FOCAL program loading/saving of programs not beginning with a global label
  • timer1 handling


  • LowBat emulation
  • support of real numbers in Copy/Paste Stack for HP28S and HP42S
  • added HP41 FOCAL program packing

1.3) Emu48


  • Flash chip addressing
  • timer1 handling


  • support of real and precision integer numbers in Copy/Paste Stack
  • display grayscale support
  • port2 file changing with browser and not necessary to close session before

2) PPC emulators

Two years ago I just published the PPC versions of Emu42 and Emu48. Why not calling them CE? This is because of the bad reputation of Emu48CE. And I must agree, it's really a bad piece of software. I was very disappointed when I tested Emu48CE v1.23e/f on my Jornada565. I have found it unuseable. Now I think it's time to show you my current versions running on a QVGA and on a VGA Pocket PC.

  • Emu42PPC and Emu48PPC got all the bug fixes of the corresponding Win32 version

2.1) Emu42PPC


  • better rewritten timer emulation
  • Topbar 0 fix/workaround for WM 2003 devices


  • LowBat emulation
  • keyboard macro recorder
  • fullscreen mode
  • new Vertical 2 mode
  • Beeper support (with ROM patch)
  • added Zoom factor 3 and 4
  • VGA support
  • BMP RLE4 and RLE8 support

2.2) Emu48PPC


  • better rewritten timer emulation
  • Topbar 0 fix/workaround for WM 2003 devices


  • improved ROM image loading (less restictions with KML Patch)
  • keyboard macro recorder
  • fullscreen mode
  • new Vertical 2 mode
  • Beeper support (with ROM patch)
  • added Zoom factor 3 and 4
  • VGA support
  • BMP RLE4 and RLE8 support

3) Windows installer

Installer for Emu28, Emu42, Emu42PPC and Emu48.

4) Emu48 vs. Emu48+

Some words to the two versions of Emu48 and Emu48+. Emu48+ also include the simulation of the Apple calculators with special made ROMs containing no ARM code. Emu48+ was made by Cyrille de Brebisson and was only available for teachers. At this time I had nothing to do with this version. Bill Graves now use the plus version as emulator base for Debug4x. Meanwhile I add my changes on Emu48 also to Emu48+ to keep the emulator more or less on an equal bugfix level. I must confess that I also done some special work on the plus version, but officially I do not support it.

Why? I don't like this mixture of emulation and simulation and therefore I put my focus on my Saturn only Emu48 version. Because of this I don't distribute the Emu48+ version.

5.) Other emulators




- new display engine, no Zoom factors any more, completely KML script driven

6.) Emu10/32 ROM image problem

Some bad news. I made an attempt to get the permission to publish the ROM images necessary for Emu10 or that HP itself publishing the emulator without success in May this year.

6.1) ImageArt

The ROM image problem remember my to my early Emu48 time. There were also many requests on HP48 ROM images and somebody published of photo of the HP48 ROM chip as "ROM image". Have a look at my "ROM images".

7) HP28S serial

What's new on the HP28S serial project. I recognized many problems on running when I tried to port this method for ROM uploading over the Ir port. The main problem was the time delay for creating the RS232C signal. I the version I demonstrated two years ago I hadn't thought about different timing on Saturn commands executed on an even or add address. Because the program is lying in calculator RAM the transmitter routine can begin on an even or odd address depending on the program version and the base address of the complete program. I fixed this in spring this year by executing the time critical part in display RAM which is directly accessed by the internal Saturn bus having equal timing on even and odd address.

Next step is a protocol (XMODEM) layer.

8) HP48 Memory card backup (Cardupl / Carddwl)

Some of you may know Cardupl, a HP48 program saving the memory card content as image to a PC over XMODEM. I personally used it to make backup of my own memory cards and for using them inside Emu48.

Because I had to development a XMODEM download function for futher work on the HP28S serial interface I thought it's the best way to do it on Emu48 emulating a HP48 calculator. Because the counterpart of Cardupl was missing, I wrote Carddwl (card download). Carddwl now allows to transfer an image made with Cardupl directly to a calculator RAM card without using the internal memory of the calculator. I think it's the ultimate solution for backing up and restoring HP48 RAM memory cards (I don't want to mention the possibilty of copying the content of a ROM to a RAM card ;-) ).

9) Final

Most of the programs with the execption of Emu10 and Emu32(PPC) can be found on my homepage at


Hi all,

it was a very nice meeting!

Thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to the host (Matthias) !

There were very interesting presentations related to emulators (Emu),

mass storage (MLDL 2K), and even a presentation from real life (Theodolite with HP-41).

I'll just indicate my contributions:

For those happy guys who own a W&W HP-41CY (or RAMBoxII),

there's a solution to recover the W&W RAMBox OS

on units where the OS had been deleted,

and/or the RAMBox contents have been corrupted in any way:

The CY INIT module!

It's plug-and-play, you have the option of just restoring the OS,

optionally installing the CCD OS/X, or just clearing the other pages.

The CY INIT module restores both banks, of course.

Other topics which were prepared for presentation,

but were only shown or explained in the smaller circle

in the later evening, include:

The new CCD OS/X concept,

which consists of a CCD OS/X base module,

and optional specialized plug-in modules.

The plug-in modules can reside on any page in the address range of

the HP-41, and will find the base OS/X, regardless of its location.

One plug-in is the IL/X, which concentrates

various HP-IL related functions into one 4K module.

The IL/X module includes functions from the Extended I/O,

Extended IL, CCD module, and some more.

The IL/X will be published in the near future.

Next topic: The HP-48 SpeedUI reloaded!

The SpeedUI package for the HP-48 has been dramatically enhanced.

The new version wasn't presented in Allschwil,

however it will be released to in the near future.

Old users of SpeedUI should definitely upgrade to the new version,

and people interested in SpeedUI should try it as soon as the version 7 arrives at hpcalc.

In case anyone wonders what that orange box on pic IMG_5252.JPG should be:

It's a CMT Multicase, which lets you connect the HP-41, HP-71,

and HP-48 together for data exchange with only one adapter unit,

and which lets you output display messages of any connected calc

at one central point, the built-in *HP-IL Display* !

For data exchange between the three worlds (41,71,48),

you actually need either the 82164A or the CMT HP-IL RAM disc,

or even a PC with HP-IL card and serial port.

But the Multicase is just the all-in-one solution;-)

A nice data exchange example, not from real life, but working:

The HP-71 had the SuDoKu solver from Valentin Albillo installed,

the HP-48 had my SuDoKu solver (SDK48) installed.

To compare run times of the different SuDoKu solvers,

you could enter a suitable 9x9 matrix on the HP-48,

then send it to the HP-71, and start both solvers

with the same matrices.



Edited: 30 Oct 2006, 6:42 p.m.



My presentation summary:

- The HP Portable Plus as a platfom for HP-41CX and HP-IL emulation: demo of controlling an HP-71B (acting as a HPIL device), accessing the emulated HPIL devices (display, RAM disc, RS232) from an real HP-41, exchanging data/program between HP-41 and Emu41p.

- Quick introduction of my HPIL/RS232 translator project.

A more comprehensive report can be found here: Allschwil06 report page.


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