HP 9100A on ebay missing a power lead?


Latest HP 9100A calculator on ebay item description declares "No power lead present, therefore unable to test" or words to that effect. Look closely and you will see part of a lead in both photos. Anyhow, how hard would it be to use a substitute lead as a temp. measure in order to auction and sell?


It's clearly a 9100B not a 9100A. In either case unless this person is comfortable working with electricity, it's going to be difficult to connect to 120V. There's no easy way to adapt a modern power cord to fit the socket on the 9100.


The current high bidder, al_kossow, is one of my friends. It would be *really* nice if he was able to get this, because he would let me dump the ROM (inductive printed circut board) for use in Nonpareil.


What you see is the power cord for the printer...


I received notification through eBay that the high bidder in the auction did not complete the transaction. So this does NOT establish a >$3100 value for a 9100B with printer.

I am hoping that the seller will relist it.

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