TI USA Warming up for new TI NSpire Calculator

I noticed that a Google search for TI NSpire now points to a web site for TI USA that discusses the features of the new TI NSPIRE calculator and its associated PC software. The site does not list the TI NSPIRE as an available product (yet), but i seems to wet folks' appetite. You can fill a form online to be notified by TI regarding upcoming news for the TI NSPIRE.

The HHC2006 webpage has a link to a PDF file edited by Richard Nelson, that lists discussions related to the HP50G and the TI NSPIRE.

I am curious as to how many will buy the TI NSPIRE. Can I get a show of hands please?


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I am curious as to how many will buy the TI NSPIRE. Can I get a show of hands please?

If it is still around when my son is old enough to use it at school and they force me to buy one, then I will have no choice, will I?

Or if I find one at the flea market or on eBay for 20 Euros, I will probably buy it out of curiosity.

Greetings, Max


There seems to be a lot of hype around this machine. I'll wait until the hype dies down and the bugs are fixed before I would consider purchasing one.


They are selling them in Germany!!!



according to Dynatech (one of the larger online shops), shipments are delayed untl 2nd Quarter 2007 !!!


If you have better info, pls. correct me if I'm wrong.

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

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