HP-97 Display Mode

Please bear with me, I have a new-to-me HP-97 and am still looking for a paper or online manual for it. Until I find the manual . . .

How do I set the display to fixed, 4 decimal places? I've pressed "FIX" but can't specify the number of decimal places.


Just press DSP and press the key number relative to the digits after the decimal point you want (IIRC).

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Thanks so much.

HPs of this vintage are definitely new to me.


The reason why, on the HP-67/97, setting the number of digits (DSP) was separated from setting the display mode (FIX/SCI/ENG) is to make more efficient use of the 256 available opcodes. That's one of the prices you have to pay for those "fully merged" program lines; the P<>S command is another. With 20 labels, GTO+GSB+LBL take up 60 instructions already...

Note how the older HP-25 has FIX/SCI/ENG commands that *do* behave like you would expect.

- Thomas

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