Scratches on aluminum bezel

Just purchased an old 15C from eBay and the unit has some abrasions (fine horizontal scratches) on the aluminum bezel. Is there a polish anyone would recommend that might work to remove / buff out and restore the shine to bezel? I know there are hundreds of cleaners/polishes out there to choose from... thought someone might have tried this before and had success with a particular brand. I don't want to degrade the finish any further by experimenting. Thanks



I had a 11C that was heavily scratched and marred. I carefully taped up the display and plastic surfaces and used ultra fine steel wool and was able to polish out the scratches with alum wheel car polish. I sold the unit last year on e-bay. It came out quite nice. Use magic tape or electrical tape and carefully mask off plastic and display.

Good luck, use tender loving care and patience. The bezel is easily damaged.




Hello Andy,

I did a thing like that on a 11C, but there was also a transparant varnish (paint) on the Bezel. Did you repaited it ?. If yes how, with what ?





I did not repaint it. I left it with a sort of yellowish hue, almost gold. I had to use the steel wool over ALL the alum surfaces to even it out.



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