My 32s brooke

hi all,

first for background..I'm not a HP "nut" but I've used my HP-32s for 6 years when I first bought it new at my campus bookstore. I actually didn't realize they were discontinued until just last year. Well I figured I was safe.......

Well tragedy has struck. I kept the 32s in my laptop bag for years with no problem. A couple of weeks ago it wouldn't turn on so I figured the batteries were dead. Well today I got new batteries and it won't turn on/do anything. (I kind of suspected something was wrong b/c I never saw the low batt sign) I have no idea what caused this.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I have it sitting with the batteries out hoping it resets. I've tried pressing C+Ln.

I can't justify buying an ebay for what they are going for since I have to use it every day.

hope someone can help...


Subject: "My 32s brooke"

[bad pun]You should have protected it with "shields"[/bad pun]

(Note to international readers: this refers to the American actress Brooke Shields...)

Seriously, if the reset procedures don't work, one regular participant here runs a service at He even fixes Pioneer-series models such as the HP-32S, which weren't really designed to be disassembled and repaired.

-- KS


Do you try to short the battery spring with a coin?It is one of method to reset caculator
the other is press "C" , "sigma+" , "sqrt x" three button at the same time


I guess I was under so much stress I didn't catch the "Brooke"

Shorting the leads fixed it. I had left the batteries out for hours but I guess something was still charged up inside.

Crisis averted.


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