Kitchen computer, true or false?

While looking at the following good web site I found:

Am I being taken in? This can't be true??? I have my doubts (2.5MHz is fast for late 60's and very few details - love the picture and inbuilt chopping board!).

As a spoof it's quite funny, and possibly true - there were some wackey ideas in the 60's - and who knew where computers were going to end up!


Hi Tom,

Well - it's apparaently genuine. I just did a search on Honeywell's web site and found following:


At $10,000 each, I wonder if they sold any.




At $10,000 each, I wonder if they sold any.

In your Honeywell link, it says:
"Not surprisingly, no Kitchen Computers were sold."

But if you do a Google or Wikipedia search, you will find endless references to it

Greetings, Max


I clicked on the 'read more' button and there are a few more details including being promoted as a kitchen computer to get free publicity. So not intended for a chopping board! or the kitchen! But not sure of the real intended market.


It exists. There's one on display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. It's believed that only a single unit was actually manufactured.

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