Re: 49g+ DROP Error ([originally] humor) ; retrieved from Archive 15

A bit of good news about my HP48G!

In this thread I just fished out of the archive bin, I had posted that after dropping it on its upper left corner, while still in its soft gray nylon case, on the floor, I had a blank line across the display in the third stack level position. To remedy it, I used a simple kluge: a thick rubber band across the top of the calculator where the logo is.

However, after a couple of months of rubber banding it, I removed it just a few days ago and the display is restored and appears to be staying that way. Of course, this is after some normal use and making sure the 48G does not impact anywhere anymore. I now carry it in a 49G+ case, which appears to be more protecting. Even so, I will be more cautious with it while not in use (or even in use!).

Probably, the rubber band forced the case and LCD module to be in their proper relative positions and the normal daily vibrations due to use and transporting (in my briefcase, generally) caused them to settle in these positions while being held so. I hope it remains this way!

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