Web site updates and FREE HP-67 Simulator

Hi All,

I moved my web site to another location:


Lara ISP is my brother's company in Canada. The hosting is ad-free (woohoooo!)) and free for me (double woohoooo!!). Thanks bro!!!!

I am also releasing my HP-67 simulator for Windows as a freeware. I have run it on Winsows 2k and XP. A user has also run it on Windows 98. A few folks have had problems with it, but most were able to install and run it just fine. You can download it from relocated web site. This is the main reason why I moved it to Lara ISP--to do away with download restrictions that the previous site imposed. Please read the documentation when you unzip the downloaded file.



Edited: 20 Jan 2006, 4:34 p.m.


Looks interesting on the web site, but I could not find documentation in the zip file.

I will start playing now



I updated the ZIP file to include the documentations and some other files.



I love it! Thanks!

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