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I just bought a NOS 41CV (NIB). How long does it take to get used to its display. I was thinking that the 41CV (or CX) was going to be the model that I use the most, you know, my very favorite out of all other calcs I have. BUT, I just opened the box and started doing a few calcs and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the way the numbers are displayed. It's not a contrast issue but rather the way the segments are put together. How long does it take to get used to this? I'd prefer the display of the 20S (large, easy to read segments).


I got used to it after using a 28S display. Personally, I enjoy the contrast of the 41CV display. (Halfnut) The display, IMO, is my favorite of all the HPs, it takes a little getting used to, though.


Is it a fullnut or an halfnut?
I find the fullnut easier to look at: halfnut segments are too apart, sort of broken digits.
But I must confess that I started with a fullnut 41C... maybe it's just a matter of taste.



How can I tell if it is a full or half nut? My 28S doesn't look anything like this display.


This is a fullnut: square display corners. If you have round corners then that's an halfnut.
Your 28 uses a dot matrix display, the 41 uses a 14 segment display (plus dot & dot/comma indicators, flags, status, etc.).
When I first got a 28S as a (momentary) substitute for my first, aging, 41C I didn't like that faint display at all.

I'll write it again: matter of taste. :-)


Well, I just looked it up in my HP Calculator Collector's handbook and according to it, (which agrees with what you stated), I have a Halfnut. I just bought a mint 41CX, though, and when I receive it in a few days, I expect it to be the full nut, so to speak. Maybe its display will be easier to read.


It's more likely a halfnut, since all product from 1986 through discontinuation in 1991 were halfnuts.


41CX Fullnuts do exist, though they're not common.


Roger that. I've got one.


Actually, I have found CX fullnuts to be more common than the halfnuts. I seem to have seen 2-3 CX fullnuts for every halfnut... and I've seen a bunch of them.


Dang, shatter a guy's illusions, why don't you Dave? 8)

Well, I've got a halfnut CX too, and it's fully functional. (The back arrow key doesn't work on the fullnut CX.)


You can fix the bad key on the CX by opening the case, place a drop of 91%+ isopropyl alcohol on the breather hole under the key, and gently scritch around in the hole with a small wire brush made of three bristles chucked up in a pin vise or knife blade holder, twisted together, and trimmed square. Wet the brush with more alcohol.

While the machine is open, clean all the contacts (including the ones under the CPU board).


I got my 41CX today and it's a Singapore halfnut. It's very nice and clean and everything is included. I'd say mint, for sure! So I now have two halfnuts. Does this make a whole nut?

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So I now have two halfnuts. Does this make a whole nut?

Unfortunately not, as far as display is concerned ;-)


P.S. And: 2 halfnut * -> Whole nut
But this is isn't necessarily a fullnut; it could be empty...

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An HP-41 made before the Halfnut version was out is not a "fullnut". The HP-41 project was internally named "Coconut," probably before they knew what model number they were going to give it. In the summer of 1983, they began investigating the possibility of a version that would be more reliable and easier to manufacture. Originally the idea was to have only half the number of ports, meaning two instead of four, hence the internal name "Halfnut." There were also stories that the name came from ideas to cut the IC count by half, or cut the manufacturing cost by half. I believe HP started shipping the Halfnuts to dealers in September of 1985. In any case, the original HP-41's name is "Coconut," not "Fullnut."


Right Garth,
and there's no blanknut either...
However those names are useful when you have to tell one from the other.


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