MLDL2000 and HP41X: HEPAX issue solved.

Hi, all;

After having the MLDL2059 working ‘tunned’, I decided to go ahead and compare it to the HP41X, one of the many Hrast’s masterpieces (Thanks, Hrast! HP41X rocks!!!).

Because of the weird entries shown with HEPDIR when I tried configuring SRAM in my MLDL2000, I used HEXEDIT in HP41X to compare memory contents and I actually found a different value at #XFE9h (X=8, 9, etc). In all HEPAX addressed memory blocks with HP41X, this address is filled with 091h, so I did the same in MLDL SRAM blocks addressed by HEPAX and voilá! For the first time I saw

instead of the many entries (C2 C3 etc). I'd guess 091 is sort of an 'end of field' marker.

Thought I should share with you all.

Best regards.


Edited: 2 Dec 2005, 1:51 p.m.


Hi Luiz,

Here goes both my congrats and my apologise.

It was my fault, I've been revising my posts in the previous thread, and noted I unadvertedly ommited the contents of H'xFE9, which as you've discovered by your own is H'091 in every page.

Best wishes and a very nice weekend. ;-)



Hey, Diego;

after all of your contributions to make HEPAX to work with MLDL2000, at least this little one of mine inspires me to go deepper. And I had no other source to compare with but the wonderfull Hrast's HP41X running in an HP49G.

Best regards and thanks again.

Luiz, from Brazil, waiting for my X-Mas delivery (((8^D


I decided to go ahead and compare it to the HP41X, one of the many Hrast’s masterpieces (Thanks, Hrast! HP41X rocks!!!).

Thanks Luiz. I am very happy to know that you found HP-41X helpful :-)


He found it so helpful, I decided to order it for my 49G. 8)




Hello, Hrast;

This is ONLY ONE of the many, many circumstances I found HP41X to be more than a powerfull emulator. I got in contact with some of the most important HP41 external ROM (modules) features through HP41X. I had not yet got into MCODE before because (my thoughts, O.K.?) I wanted a chance to do MCODE in the actual HP41. So, the HP41X as an emulator would be a development plataform and necessary support. Now with Meindert´s MLDL2000 all I need is already here.

When I think that a 26YO+ handheld, pocket size calculator is the center of this 'working gear', I come to realize I have no idea of what was going on inside Hewlett-Packard's R&D clusters...

BTW, Hrast, would you, please, drop me a mail? I have not found yours in my e-box (after so many cleanups because of virus attacks, I guess I wipped out too many information) and I'd like to contact you.

lcvieira at quantica dot com dot br

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 Dec 2005, 8:02 a.m.


BTW, Hrast, would you, please, drop me a mail?

Done ...

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