HP-41 Display and bar code fonts and LaTeX, anyone?

Anyone out there who have used the HP-41 Display (LCD4.ttf) and bar code TrueType fonts posted earlier on this forum with the LaTeX document processing system? Drop me a note if you have some experience to share.

Arne (at ArneHelme.com)


Hello, Arne;

one of our contributors sent me a sample (a captured screen) from a McIntosh with some custom fonts, but I m,ust confess (forgive me, please!) I forgot who's the one.

I am actually looking for some ttf to some sort of Metafont-compatible converter. I've been told it exists, and if so, using LaTeX with such converted fonts would be a lot easier.

There is a TexFDP or other environment that allows TeX documents to use TTF ources to generate PDF documents, but I have not yet found this.

It takes me more than one year since the last time I used LINUX as for daily activities (please, do not curse me...) and I feel a little 'rusty' about basic LINUX procedures. Anyway, LaTeX coding is completely possible under MSW® environment. I still have an earlier MikTeX installed in one W98 computer somewhere here...

BTW, do you know about these? I'm just asking because you mentioned LCD4.TTF, that comes with a very well known emulator, and I was not sure if you knew them.

If I have something new I'll surely let you know.

Best regards

Luiz (Brazil)

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