Escape the NCEES grip via Aero?

With regards to NCEES and the calc policy, it appears that aerospace engineers are exempt from licensing.

As much as I like the 33s for its daily utility, I am partly employing it to remain unspoiled when it comes time for the EIT exam. My work experience as a student has been entirely aerospace/structures related. I intend to remain in this area, but my BS is in mechanical engr.

I find it interesting that the PE is required to contract in most cases even in aerospace. I can't help but envy my EIT -> no HP ban.

Then again, our applicability as MEs' is broader.


NCEES currently offers PE exams in 16 engineering disciplines, plus the PS exam for surveyors. Individual states may offer any or all of these NCEES exams. In addition, some states develop their own PE exams in disciplines not addressed by NCEES.

However, NCEES does not offer a PE exam in aerospace engineering, and I don't think that any state has one either. Aerospace engineers would typically work under the "industrial exemption", and would therefore not need to be licensed. An aerospace engineer that did pursue licensure would most likely take the ME PE exam.

For most US engineers -- with the exception of civils -- licensure exams and NCEES calculator rules are optional. Only about 20% of US engineers will ultimately become licensed, and the majority of those will be civils. For non-civils, the percentage of licensed engineers would be even lower, probably less than 10%.


With regards to NCEES and the calc policy, it appears that aerospace engineers are exempt from licensing.

I beleive that Aeros are exempt from licensing only if they work for a company under the industrial exemption.

If an aero plans on starting a business offering their services to the public or working as a consultant while holding themselves out as an engineer, I am pretty sure that they will need the P.E.

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