How can you blame Coburlin...

...when you find such auctions! :-(

battery holder

Oh My Gosh!

Maybe he is right: are we a bunch of fools?




Obligatory "I've got five of those if he wants them" comment.


Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him? <g>


Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him? <g>

I don't blame him: everybody bids upto what he/she wants.

But if I think that a couple of years back I bought two CX for a similar amount... And yes, they came with the battery holder :-)

However, a few days ago, I acquired another 10A without battery door: anyone with a spare? :-D



Frank Boehm (Germany) wrote:
> Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him

He must have purchased that 41 without the battery holder from Coburlin for $359.00 :-)



I haven't looked at ebay closely in months....

take a look at the bid history. It looks like ebay now disclosed your *maximum* bid! So that auction is down in the $50 range (which is still too high).

When did these policies change? Why?


No, the final bid of $91.00 topped a previous bid of $90.00. If you are outbid, then your maximum bid shows in the bid history. It always has, and it makes perfect sense.


I've got one for $91 ;^)


In like new condition, only missing the battery holder and two buttons.


See Ebay item

and Ebay item

(same buyer and seller)

but hurry: soon the item will "transform" into a $15.99 "Brand New USB Black Scroll Mouse Dell" :-)


So in the first he's selling it for $99.00 and in the second he bought it for $1.00. How does that relate to "disclosing your maximum bid?"

Or did you just click on the last post in the thread? 8)


A perfect example of the compulsiveness of gambling. I wonder how much this person would pay for that little AC charger cover on the HP-41.


Oops! He did it again...

Mr. rgharris seems in serious need of battery holders!

a week later

I am thinking about dismantling some of my 41s :-)


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