Another MoHPC picture on eBay (HP-75D)


this is about an HP-75C, but the picture is a shrunk version of


At least there is another picture in the auction page which is presumably the real item.



And how about this one for an HP-16C? You can clearly see the MoHPC watermark in the second picture.



I had contact that seller about those pics and they said that they are not of the calc for sale. So then they attached the real photos below the MoHPC shots.


Hey, good for you, Stephen. I wonder if people are just too lazy to go take a picture or are they somehow being less than honest. If you were going to sell something, you should at least make a little effort to take pictures of the actual item. What a novel idea, huh? I think eBay should disallow stock photos unless you're selling a brand spanking new item.

I tend to steer clear of those kinds of sellers. I know not everyone who does that is dishonest, but I want to have some warm and fuzzy when I buy something.


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