Some good reading for the weekend ...

Hi, all:

Here you are, yet another fine selection of computational math-related links to interesting PDF documents that I've found publicly available on the web while merrily googling about, for your reading pleasure this weekend (and after):

The SIAM 100-Digit Challenge

Please note the links point directly to the documents' respective original WWW sites, I do not keep any local copies anywhere and I can do nothing if the links are broken or don't work, so please don't ask in case you can't access them for whatever reasons.

BTW, I wonder how would we fare if attempting this challenge with just our beloved machines and a great deal of ingenuity: 10 digits ? 20 ? 50 ? 90 ? 100 ?

Best regards from V.


Hi, Valentin;

not necessary to say, but based on your selections and 'taste' for challenging and math related subjects, I'll download and 'devour' them all. Even without reading any of them so far, I'm sure they ARE a good reading!

Best regards from Brazil.



(yet reading Adams' 'Hitchhicker's Guide' compendium. That must be tasted slowly...)

Edited: 13 May 2005, 11:22 a.m.


Thanks for the links Vanentin. Very interesting reading. I appreciate you taking the time to post them.



Sorry that I spelled you name incorrectly in the last post Valentin. I can't edit it since I didn't enter a password.


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