bogus emailers

I have received emails from and I think he is trying to make money out of me. This is the last email I was sent:

Christopher Dean,
i have seen the price and its ok by me then i will issue a Cheque to you.meanwhlie you will also deduct your own £150 (RE: Hp 17bII+) plus shipping through courrier service on the payment so you should expect a Cheque of £1800. the excess funds should be send back to me via a western union money transfer.i'll imploy you to wire the balance via western union money transfer to me as soon as you RECEIVE the Cheque.i hope i can count on you for my balance I ALSO WANT THIS TO BASE ON TRUST CAN I TRUST YOU?...Pls i need ur contact info,such as name in full,adress,ur city ur state ur zipcode ur phone#both cell and home.pls email me asap with all details.
n.b, if you feel like contacting me here is my phone contact

The amount of money that is mentioned in this email is ridiculous. Beware


These guys will send you a counterfeited cheque. You'll cash it at your bank and will harrass you to make the WU payment, less a good fee for you. Say, you'll send £1000 by WU for a £1800 cheque, good deal. The cheque will bounce within the 10 days and not only you've lost your 17BII, but also £1000 : WU sent money is irrevocable !


Thanks for the info. why did they give a phone number


Just to put you in a confidence climate...


You can check a few more offers that I got recently, the last two at the bottom are quite interesting...
Here is the list.



thanks for the information. I have removed my adverts.


Fellas this is the reply I received for my HP 67 Beams & Columns User Library Ad. Beware!!!

"i have the HP 97 BEAM for sale $2600 with the shiiping cost through dhl express service to your location and i am in washington at the united state of america and my only means of payment is through direct western union money transfer, so i awit your immediate response if you are still interested and also i will like to inform you it is still new in good condition, so kindly get back to me if you are still interested so that i can send you the information to wire the money into through western union


Thanks to everyone for your responses. All appreciated

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