HP-80 working like new

This post is for the forum in general. I recently purchased an HP-80 that had a few problems. It was missing a battery, the zero and five keys were not working properly and the on/off switch worked intermittently. Thanks to this forum and the archives, I was able to purchase a battery that works flawlessly and disassemble and repair the keys and on/off switch. I also followed the recommendations for cleaning the calculator before putting it back together. The results... I have a like-new HP-80 that has all of the wonderful characteristics that make the "classics" well - classic. All of this was made possible by the knowledge and experience captured by this website. Keep up the great posts and articles and thanks so much for the good information.

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That's good news. Did you peel back and re-stick the label, if so, what technique did you use and how did it work?


I gave some thought to it, but I decided to cut out the holes for easy access to the screws both now and in the future. I know this goes against the purists in this forum, but I don't plan on reselling the calulator and am actually using it at work. If you haven't already done so, I would recommend searching the archives and "Repairs and Battery" section under Collecting & Using for some suggestions on how to remove the label. It appears that people have had success using the techniques described.


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