33s: section properties for rectangular composite bodies

If anyone's interested, I've written a program that computes the neutral axis (Ybar) and x-section moment of inertia (Ix)for any build up of n rectangular components (ie. uneven I-beam, sandwich construction).

Inputs are prompted:
N (no. of components)
Prompted for each component:
B (base dimension)
H (height dim)

Outputs to the x and y register:
Y: neutral axis of composite
X: x-sect moment of inertia of composite

It uses two labels (could be done with one, but as it is it works)
I'm sure there's others out there. Happy to share, send an email to erikuma815@yahoo.com


Hi Eric,

I have a similar program I wrote for the 11c and on. I would be interested in comparing.





Hi Bill,

I'll be typing it up tonight, to have a backup in case of a 'memory clear'. Would you like me to email it, or should I post it here?


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