txt2raw.pl: an HP-42S program listing to "raw" conversion script

Today, I posted txt2raw.pl on the Free42 home page. This is a Perl script that converts HP-42S program listings, like those generated by the PRP and LIST commands, back into Emu42/Free42 compatible "raw" program files.

txt2raw.pl was written by Vini Matangrano, and I'm reproducing it on my web page as a service to all HP-42S emulation fans out there. The script, plus some documentation, and the author's contact info, are all at http://home.planet.nl/~demun000/thomas_projects/free42/txt2raw/txt2raw.html.

- Thomas


Thanks Thomas! I made a simple test (after installing Perl) and it works. ;-)

I have a question. Can I assume that your Perl script will work with the (basic) HP41C source code?



HP-41 source code is a bit different from HP-42S source code:
"ST+" vs. "STO+", "FIX 0" vs. "FIX 00", "INT" vs. "IP", "FACT" vs. "N!", etc.

It's probably not all that difficult to modify the script to accept HP-41 source code, but it won't handle such code properly as it is now.

Note that I didn't write the script myself, I just distribute it; you should contact the author about enhancement requests. (My Perl is a bit rusty, anyway. ;-) )

- Thomas


I have a question. Can I assume that your Perl script will work with the (basic) HP41C source code?
Hi Namir! For HP-41 source code there is a user code utility by Leo Duran that converts BIN->SRC and vice versa...


Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Thanks Eric. I have Leo's program installed on my PC. I was just curious if txt2raw.pl can do the same task.



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