Triangle program hp32sII

I have a HP 11C and a HP 32SII
I programmed Trianlges (side angle side) (side side side)
(angle side angle) (side angle angle)(side side angle) into my HP 11C and it works great !!!!
Can someone send me an e mail or post on message board showing the steps to program the above formulaes into my HP 32SII.
Thanks alot !!! Norm

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Hi Norm,

You can directly translate 11c programs to 32sii. Just change the registers from numbers (0 1 2 etc through 0.9) to letters (A B C etc through Z).

If you use the indirection feature of the 11c, the 32sii is compatible there, to, but is named i and (i) instead of I and (i) respectively. 32sii has slightly enhanced indirection capabilities; yet everything that works on the 11c will work (and the same way) on the 32sii.

I hope this helps. If you need more specific help, let me know by a specific example.




The HP32SII manual already contains a triangle-solving program. Have you tried it?

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