Morse code with a CX

Hi all,
just trying to find a morse generator ( text to morse ) using a CX.
Is there anything pre-cooked around?

Giuseppe Marullo


Hi Giuseppe,

You'll find a morse code program written by Richard Nelson in the Feb-Mar 1980 PPC Journal (V7 N2) on pages 50 and 51. I didn't take the time to do a exhaustive search but I'd guess that many more such programs exist for the 41CX.

Best, Wilson


Thanks Wilson,
it is exactly what I was looking for.



I looked on the CD kit of the museum number 1 to 7 and i didn'T find ppc journal for this date : where can i find this article or journal?



This is not the complete text-to-morse solution, but tones 6 and 54 get you about 4wpm, 7 and 87 get you about 12wpm, and tones 73 and 57 get you about 40wpm. At the slower speeds you'll need to add some delay between tones.


Hi Michael,

You can find it on TOS. Hopefully you are a regular visitor to this forum, that way you'll understand what "TOS" means and why it's used.

Best, Wilson

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