more ebay madness!


Yes, that's funy:-)

The unit seems to be used,

and has even no box...



I remember that I bought 2 of them in the mid 80's for a big $80 each to give them as gift.


I bought an extra 11c about a year ago, for $135, and I traded it for a 27s recently. It certainly seemed a fair trade at the time! The 27s sure has a lot more memory :-)

I suspect these prices are a relative high----it has happened before, too---there are really a lot of 11c machines out there, and enough 15cs too, that there *should* be a limit......

We'll see.....

Best regards,



The buyer only has one feddback. Have a look at this and it´s item...



Yes, he paid around $160 for another 11C... about what nice ones seem to go for.


..HP (or Kinpo)has hired anonymous byers because they unfortunatly have sold all "vintage" calculators they ever made, and now are trying to find back to the old quality thru reverse-enginieering!?!


..Fiona is having a secret: Collecting old, nice, working HP Calcs for her own museum?


I got an 11c at a local (Chicago) thrift shop two X-mases ago. Included excellent calc, manual, and box (in decent shape).

All for $2.00. I still have it and always will.






Reasonable price if it had the box in nice condition. Otherwise mayby $75-100 too high.


It's just a pocket calculator. :-)

A very nice calculator, maybe, but that's all it is. It's not like it's some ancient antique with bucket loads of aesthetic value, so all this market inflation is, quite frankly, ridiculous. In terms of what it is, and how useful it is to me, I wouldn't pay any more than, say, 120 euro or 150 usd for an HP-15c, no matter how good its condition. I can't blame the eBay sellers whose auctions go stratospheric, but for buyers with any sense of perspective, there has to be a limit.



And a Mecedes 300SL Gullwing is just a car. It won't do much more than a Yugo...


It's time to auction my tortilla with Jesus on a cross... But I'll offer it here first...


Indeed; I'd go for the Yugo anyday! :-) When anyone asks what kind of carI have, I reply: "A small blue one."


Somehow, the 55 cents for insurance indicates to me the true value of this item! I guess that covers the cost of some hungry postal employee eating your cheese sandwich (even though "not intended for consumption").


Please check my auction :

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original HP Mint/NIB product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"HP Milky Way"

This is an original portrait of Mrs Hewlett & Packard in a full fledged Gruyere-cheese slice (North American ebayers please replace "Gruyere" with "Kraft") !!!

Highlights :

- Only picture with Mrs Hewlett & Packard side by side !
- ORIGINAL bite (not byte) on the size of the slice by Mrs Carlina Fioreton.

Starting Bid : USD 399.99, no reserve, Payment through nigerian bank transfer !

Thanks for your bid and 12345 to delete...this great contribution

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